BSTS - Toys, Hobbies and Collectables
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What is BSTS?
Situated in Largs, Ayrshire on the West Coast of Scotland, we came into existence in 2006.  We sell Toys,
Hobbies and Collectables plus run a massive range of hobby events each week.  We provide a welcoming
environment for new and existing hobbyists who want to play games.  Rule #1 EVERYONE GETS A GAME.  
There's not really a rule #2.  Whether you're new to hobbies, want to get back into hobby gaming or you're a
gamer that's just arrived in the area,
come join our community - you'll be made welcome.

And whilst we play friendly in here, for a small store in a small town, we punch way above our weight, sending
strong squads to compete in regional and national level events across a wide range of hobby games.
Role Playing Games at BSTS
Warhammer at BSTS
Magic the Gathering at BSTS
Pokemon Cities Largs Junior Champion
BSTS Team - Duncan the GM
Pokemon at BSTS
X-Wing Miniatures at BSTS
Team BSTS and Friends at Scottish Pokemon Regionals
The Team
Friendly Store Owner Guy - Duncan The GM
When I was 8, a friend told me his big brother was going to run a game of Dungeons & Dragons
and did I want to play?  I haven't stopped playing for (yes, I admit it) almost 35 years.  I have a
wide range of gaming interests including
Pokemon and Board Gaming, but RPGs will always be
my first love.
The Thursday and Sunday Guy - Darren the Hat
Darren's been kicking around this place for years, so it was inevitable that I finally caved in and
gave him a job.  His first love has always been
Yu-Gi-Oh! but he plays a good game of Magic and
is an avid
roleplayer, amongst a wide range of hobby interests.  Encyclopedic knowledge of all
manner of geekery abounds.
The Monday and Friday Guy - Magic Mark
A new recruit to the team, Mark brings his exceptional card playing skills to the team.  A regular in
top cuts around the Scottish Magic the Gathering circuit, Mark is also a pretty handy Pokemon
player.  If you're needing deck building advice, he's your go to man.
BSTS Team - Darren the Hat