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There are currently NO instore events running.  We open again Monday 29th June from 11am - 5pm Monday to

We are operating the following online versions of some of our events:





To join in on any of these events, please drop us a message (Facebook is best) and we'll get you in the right
group chat.  You'll need to do some technical set up in each case, but we've got superstars amongst our regulars,
ready to help you out.

IF AND ONLY IF you are financially okay just now, we'd love you to consider our "Pay In Anyway (If You Can)"
Follow this link to do so.  Thank you so much if you can.

BUT (AND THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT) if you're finding yourself in any sort of financial difficulties at all, please
still take part in these events if you can.  DON'T PAY - PLAY FOR FREE!  Rule number one at BSTS has always
been "Everyone gets a game."  That's especially important right now!

Looking forward to welcoming you all back to the store soon.

All the best!
Duncan, Darren & Mark
The GDPR and Our Events

We hold very few customer details, and what little we do hold is kept securely.  All the data we hold on customers
is for legitimate business needs.  There's two main reasons we do this.

1) If you play in tournaments or at events at BSTS, we need to store your name (and in the case of Pokemon,
your Date of Birth) in order to make those tournaments happen and keep a record of results.

We also send those results to some of our Organised Play partners.  They use this information for, for example,
checking qualification for premium events, but receive no further personal details than your name, and in the case
of Pokemon, your Date of Birth.  That's unless you take the further step of registering your account on their
websites, which of course is covered by their own GDPR policies and nothing to do with us.

You are welcome to not provide us with this information, but unfortunately you wont be able to play at events we
run - sorry!  It would be tough to run a trading card tournament by saying, "On Table 1, Mystery Player 1 plays
Mystery Player 2".

Parents and Guardians also often provide us with their contact details too, when they have children playing here.  
We keep those details securely, and you're welcome to ask us to delete that information at any time.

Additionally, if you're a former player, who wants us to remove your name from our records, please get in touch
and we'll do our best to clean you out of our systems.  This may not be completely possible if your last visit was
recently, as your event results may still have an ongoing bearing in the qualification process for Premium Events
run by our Organised Play Partners. (eg Pokemon League Challenges and League Cups form part of the annual
qualification process for the World Championships, so we need to keep records of results for that period, to
ensure the integrity of the Premium event)

2) If you want us to order products in for you.  We securely keep whatever contact details you want us to, to allow
us to let you know when the product arrives.  We delete this information once you've picked up your order.  Again,
you're welcome to not provide us with this information, but it's going to be tough to sort orders out for you if you

AND FINALLY On social media, contact you have with us will generally be covered by the platform's own privacy
policies, but if you're part of (for instance) one of our product related Group Chats, you're welcome to remove
yourself from it at any time and delete any contributions you've made to it.

Any questions, give us a shout!