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Other Trading Card Games at BSTS
It doesn't just end with the big three of Magic, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!  We also have other trading card games
to take your fancy.
Cardfight!! Vanguard at BSTS
Futurecard Buddyfight at BSTS
Weiss Schwarz at BSTS
Force of Will at BSTS
Cardfight!! Vanguard at BSTS
The first of Bushiroad's games to be translated into English, we
have a long tradition of Cardfight!! Vanguard at BSTS.  Long
before the English release, we heard it was on the horizon and
were importing the Korean version.  You'll find a wide range of
CFV products on our shelves and you can join our active group
of Cardfight players every Sunday at 12pm.
Futurecard Buddyfight at BSTS
This deceptively simple game from Bushiroad is a fantastic way
to get into the world of Trading Card Games.  Five minutes is all
it takes to learn, making it ideal for younger players.  However,
behind that, a complex world of tactical play awaits, which'll
leave even the most veteran of TCG players thirsting for more.  
Again, drop in any Sunday at 12pm to play.
Weiss Schwarz at BSTS
The most complex of the trio of Bushiroad trading card games,
Weiss Schwarz offers a step up in difficulty rating from the
others.  Each card set released is based on a different anime,
making it popular with fans of all things Japanese animation.  
Want to learn to play?  Drop in any Saturday or Sunday and
we'll teach you.
Force of Will at BSTS
We were the first UK stockists of Force of Will and the first
games to take place in the country were played right here at
BSTS, where we diligently translated the original Japanese
cards, long before the English-language version was dreamed
of by the creators.  Now huge everywhere, randomly it's taken a
back seat here and is rarely played, but watch this space.  We
have plans...