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Other War Games at BSTS
Our war gaming isn't just about Games Workshop - far from it.  Check out a few of the other titles we stock below.  
Thursday nights are your chance to play them, get in touch if you're interested in joining in, so we can figure out
who's playing what.  Also, look out for special events on our
events calender.
Heroclix at BSTS
Hordes at BSTS
Malifaux at BSTS
Warmachine at BSTS
X-Wing Miniatures at BSTS
X-Wing Miniatures at BSTS
Fantasy  Flight Games Organised Play
A recent addition to our Organised Play offerings at BSTS - we now run store level
tournaments for the X-Wing Miniatures Game.

The picture shows the action from our 2016 Spring Season store tournament.  Look
out for the dates of our summer tournaments - due to be announced very soon!