Runequest Core Rulebook
Pathfinder Curse of the Golden Spear
Galactic Champions
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Role Playing Games at BSTS
RPGs are a speciality at BSTS, and our shelves are packed with dozens of titles.  You'll find everything from the big
names like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and Fantasy Flight, through to small, niche publishers and out of print
classics.  There's something for every role playing enthusiast on our shelves.  Additionally, we stock a wide range of
RPG Dice and an extensive range of 25mm fantasy miniatures from Ral Partha and Das Schwarze Auge.
DandD Players Handbook 5th Edition
GURPS Basic Set Characters
World of Nevermore
Strontium Dog
Prophecy RPG Player's Manual
Want to Play RPGs?
At BSTS, we host the weekly meeting of North Ayrshire Role Playing
Society.  They meet every Tuesday from 6:30pm to 11:00pm.  Please
note though, that this event is Over 18s only.  The group play a wide
range of games, usually for around a month at a time.  New players are
welcome, however, to join in at any time.  If you want to come along
the shop a message, so that we can let the person running the current
game know to expect you.

Additionally, we run three different official sessions of D&D Adventurer's
League each week.  Two for under 18s and one for adults.  See
events page for more details on these.  Also don't miss out on our annual
celebration of all things Role Playing on Free RPG Weekend (yeah,
meant to be one day, but we have too much fun) - in 2016 it's Sat June
18th & Sun June 19th.
XI Publications
And did you know we've started publishing our own RPG Supplements?
Over a beer one night, we decided that Scotland should have a publisher of physical
RPG products.  After another beer, we decided that publisher might as well be us.  
We called our brand X'I Publications.  No one has figured out why yet.  It's a secret.

Yep, it's been a crazy, comedy journey, where we've learnt how to publish books from
scratch.  Quite incredibly, we have our first book in print.  The Fires of Skinspeake,
written by Duncan Conner and Robbie Temple and Illustrated by Richard Simpson
unexpectedly came out to positive reviews.  Wow!

You can find out more about this weird journey we're on at
the X'I Publications
website.  You can purchase physical and pdf versions of the book there, or of course
you'll find them on the counter in store.
Role Playing Games at BSTS